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TIGERweb Economic Legend

This legend lists types of Census Bureau Geographies and Features, grouped by Map Service, and provides examples of their map Symbols and Label Styles. Symbol Scales and Label Scales depict the range of map scales at which the layers and corresponding labels are available (i.e., can be viewed); hovering the mouse over an individual circle will display the scale as a representative fraction. Reference Scales portray the relative position of the scales in the "zooming spectrum."

Map ServiceGeography/Feature    Symbol    Label Style           Symbol Scales       Label Scales         Reference Scales
  scales display on mouse hover
Transportation (Roads and Railroads)
Interstates   legend symbol  to  map scales in the application
U.S. Highways   legend symbol   legend symbol  to   to 
State Highways   legend symbol   legend symbol  to   to 
Local Roads   legend symbol   NORTON DR  to   to 
Railroads   legend symbol  to 
Military and Other Special Land Use Areas
National Park Service Areas   legend symbol   Acadia Natl Pk  to   to 
Correctional Facilities   legend symbol   Wright County Jail  to   to 
Colleges and Universities   legend symbol   Newbury College  to   to 
Military Installations   legend symbol   Ft Gordon  to   to 
American Indian Areas
American Indian Reservations and/or  
Off-Reservation Trust Lands  
legend symbol   YUROK  to   to 
Tribal Statistical Areas   legend symbol   CHOCTAW  to   to 
Economic Places
Consolidated Cities   legend symbol   Indianapolis city  to   to 
Incorporated Places/Minor Civil Divisions  
added to the 2017 Economic Census  
legend symbol   Madison  to   to 
Incorporated Places/Minor Civil Divisions  
included in the 2012 and 2017 Economic Census  
legend symbol   Buffalo  to   to 
Census Designated Places  
added to the 2017 Economic Census  
legend symbol   Columbia  to   to 
Census Designated Places  
included in the 2012 and 2017 Economic Census  
legend symbol   Loughman  to   to 
Balance of County   legend symbol   Balance of Grant  to   to 
Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas and Related Statistical Areas
Principal Cities   legend symbol    Stillwater  to   to 
Combined Statistical Areas   legend symbol   Bend-Prineville
 to   to 
Metropolitan Divisions   legend symbol   Dallas-Plano-Irving
           Met Div
 to   to 
Metropolitan Statistical Areas   legend symbol   CHEYENNE  to   to 
Micropolitan Statistical Areas   legend symbol   Ketchikan  to   to 
Planning Regions
Planning Regions   legend symbol   Planning Region
         6, Cayey
 to   to 
Linear Hydrography   legend symbol   Stehekin Riv  to   to 
Areal Hydrography   legend symbol   Fontana Lk  to   to 
Glaciers   legend symbol   Lyman Glacier  to   to 
States and Counties
States   legend symbol  legend symbol  to   to 
Counties   legend symbol  legend symbol  to   to